I'm an artist, VTuber and 3d modeler. I use blender, 3dsMax, and ClipStudioPaint for my work, I do commissions and I can make things from scratch. 3d Modeling and art are my passions and I hope you enjoy my work :)
Additionally I make VRChat avatars, both commissions and premade packages.

Commissions are open unless stated otherwise. If commissions are closed I can give you a quote then put you on a waitlist. I work Mon-Fri, occasionally on the weekends. I have a Trello set up to display my progress, but you can contact me for detailed progress reports at anytime. 3D Models/VRChat avatars typically take several weeks, and illustrations usually only take a maximum of two. I stream on twitch and work on commissions on stream unless you state explicitly you don't want me to do that. For where to contact me, see my contact page.

By commissioning me, you are agreeing to these terms. Terms are subject to change at any time.

You must be of age (18+) to commission me, even if your request is SFW. This is a personal precaution I take for safety and monetary reasons. At my own discretion, I will accept NSFW art requests.

Contact Me
I communicate through Discord, Twitter (@miilkyytea), Telegram, and Email. Regardless of your preferred method, I will respond promptly. Note: My Telegram is for business use only, and any unrelated inquiries will be ignored.

General Policies
I work through a slot/queue system. Once your spot is reserved, you can expect to receive the final product between 2 weeks and 3 months. At any time, you may contact me to obtain the status of your commission/your current place in the queue.
If your commission has a deadline, please inform me immediately. In the case I've already started and you'd like to request a new (reasonable) deadline, please let me know. I may charge a rush fee depending on the time of notice and general customer demand.

I accept Paypal & Venmo only

After accepting your commission request, payment is due upfront. I will send you my PayPal.me link or my Venmo username. Once I receive your payment, I will start the piece.

All commissions priced at $200 USD or under must be paid in full upfront. However, I offer payment plans if the commission is priced over $200 USD. With a payment plan, I expect a 50% deposit (of the total rate) to secure your spot. We can then establish a timeline to pay the remaining balance.
I reserve the right to refuse or cancel a commission at any time. If I feel uncomfortable fulfilling your requests, you will be refunded in full, regardless of the commission's progress status.

Permissions & Usage

You may re-upload the completed commission across various platforms (Twitter/Tumblr/Instagram/etc) on the condition that appropriate credit is cited, and you must disclose if changes were made. Unless mutually agreed upon, I do not permit the resale of my works. I indefinitely hold the intellectual property rights for all works I produce, so you may not claim them as your own creations. For more information on my licensing policies, please reach out and we can discuss.